Tuesday 10 December 2013

Rann Utsav.

Rarely does it happen in one’s life that what we see and what we experience leaves one speechless. One of such experience that India has to offer, awaits you at Rann Utsav, in Kutch, Gujarat. Considered as one of the best experiences of life across the world by lonelyplanet, it is a one of its kind initiative.

Rann Utsav is a festival organised by the government of Gujarat near Ghordo village, which is on the edge of one of the very few salt marsh deserts of the world. As long as one can see, there is just white sand and blue sky. It is a rare experience that any writer will find difficult to express. In the age of urban life, with honks of horn and concrete jungles, ran Utsav comes as one of the most prized experience. But the purpose of Rann Utsav goes beyond just desert. More than anything, it celebrates the rich culture and heritage of Gujarat. You can experience and have a chance to carry home with you the arts, handicrafts, handloom weaving, pottery, Bandhani fabrics of Kutch.

In the evenings before moonlit nights, there is a special experience waiting for you – the folk music and dance of Kutch. Over 50 different artists and dancers perform on moonlit evenings often running into nights, under the open sky and winter breeze. Sitting on Indian style beds getting the peek at unique culture of thousands of years in few hours is a treat in itself. After the performances, you can stay at modern tents with facilities like electricity and even washrooms and experience the desert first hand.

Rann Utsav includes camelback rides into the desert, sightseeing to Mandvi, which is a beach town and home to Vijay Vilas Palace, favourite filming location for Indian films, Indo Pak border and visit to Kala Dungar (Black Mountain). Eagle travels connects Baroda & Ahmedabad to Mandvi with its daily sleeper service.

Rann Utsav is organised at Ghordo village, 400 kilometres from Ahmedabad, the biggest city of the state of Gujarat. Throughout the way, connectivity is very easy. Eagle travels runs every day buses for Bhuj from Ahmedabad, Once in Bhuj, there are ample transit facilities to go to Ghordo. What’s more, you can also book tickets online at 5% discount or through an android app, Eagle travels follows a ladies seat policy & take care of the safety of female passengers travelling alone.

Apart from the Rann Utsav, there are many other places one can visit in Kutch. Only a 100 kilometeres from Bhuj rests Dhola Vira, site of Harappan civilisation. It is one of the three sites of Harappan civilisation, two of which are in India. There is also a wild ass sanctuary in Kutch, which is an endangered animal found only in Gujarat. There is also Narayan Sarovar, a temple town sitting only a few kilometres away from international border. The staff of Eagle travels is well knowledgeable of local region which allows you to relax and enjoy the trip.

Come & enjoy the beauty of White rann of Kutch & get meserised with the nature's beauty.

Monday 2 December 2013

Jaddu ki Jappi

We are living in the world of everything "Instant". Instant coffee,Instant noodles,Instant loan,Instant money,instant mix,instant food along with instant communication. We want things to happen instantly. In this instant world are we losing our patience instantly,Do we have patience now a days?

Will provide you with two instances.

Incident 1: A customer arrives at 8:30 PM in Ahmedabad in our bus from Rajkot, This is on a tuesday evening, Her husband and daughter arrives to receive her. This lady has to go back to Rajkot on saturday evening at 5 pm, She asks her husband to book the return ticket then and there,Husband approaches the booking agent inside,Who is surrounded by several customers at that point in time as evening time is peak departure time. We do not follow a queue system so we all surround the concerned person & want a reply to our query instantly no matter what the other person is doing. So the husband barges in between & asks a ticket to be booked. Booking agent replys to him showing the notice on the wall, which states the call centre no. 079-615555555.Agent asks him to call the help line no. & get the ticket booked.

 In order to provide ease of ticket booking we have a 30 seater call centre, along with an andriod app for ticket booking using smartphones,tickets can also be booked online & we are providing 5% discount on online booking. Hearing this the husband gets angry and starts saying how rude are you to talk.Why can't you book the tickets,We are your customers since ages.

With the changes in technology,We are providing each & every way for the customer to book tickets with the ease of your home,office or any where else. But we do not have the patience to allow others to finish their work & take up your work on top most priority.

Incident 2: A customer walks in at our paldi office at 12:10 PM & inquires about the departure timing of Rajkot bus. Counter staff informs as 12:30 pm from paldi & 1 pm from S G Road. The customer books the tickets & then makes a comment about why such a delay & says other operators have services every half an hour.When he is being corrected that others have services every one hour & so do others is when he starts asking the timing of all our previous departures. The world today has become a place where every customer wants the service instantly, If a customer has to wait for 20 minutes for his/her journey to start,We start making opinions & giving comments.

Indian cultures is known for its philiophosy of "Vasudev Kutumbhacum" meaning one big family. We are becoming self centred people,We all care about ourselves & no body else. We are losing our virtue of patience & empathy towards others.

Every day our booking staff,Drivers,Cleaners have to deal with hundreds of customers.We train our staff for etiquettes to behave with our customers. It is very easy for anyone to blame others on rude behaviour & spread the word while not paying any attention to one's own deeds.

We want to create a better country for ourselves & for our future generations. Lets us togather start showing some empathy for each other. Lets recognise the efforts put in each & every person,Lets get compassionate towards each other & make a better place for you & for me & for the entire human race.

As Munnabhai says in Munnabhai MBBS. Lets give each other "Jaddu ki jappi".

Wednesday 30 October 2013

Technology in bus: Booking Part 2

 One of the biggest change which has taken place is the way tickets are booked. Previously commuters had to go down to the operators/agents office to book tickets & they could not book return tickets. Today Bus tickets can be booked in the following manners

             ·         Booking through call centres of operators/telephonic booking.
 ·         Booking Online through the operators websites or through travel portals like    Redbus.in,Abhibus,Travelyarri,Makemytrip among others.
 ·         Booking through Mobile Apps of operators

Today 5% Indians have started booking their tickets online & this population is rising each day.Previously bus tickets were booked hours/minutes before the departure where the situation today is around 32% book on the day of the travel, while 24% book a day prior to the day of travel and during festive/holiday season tickets are booked almost 15-20 days in advance. Online bus booking have witnessed a huge spurt since January 13 registering a whopping 185% growth.

India today has 2000 organised private bus operators in the country with a fleet of 20,000 luxury buses of which around 20% of the buses are in the AC bus category. 72%  of all online booking is for AC buses & 28% for non ac buses. These 2000 private bus operators have services to a minimum of 10 cities each & each city has atleast 1 office by networking their own offices & issues computerized tickets has lead to real time inventory management, thus improving the occupany levels in bus.

Change is the only constant in life & it keeps taking place for the betterment of humanity & mankind.There is some new innovation taking place now as you go through this article.

Eagle travels,a bus operator in states of Gujarat,Maharashtra,Rajasthan,Delhi since last 35 years having its services between Ahmedabad,Rajkot,Jamnagar,Porbander,Bhuj,Gandhidham,Anjar,Baroda,Surat,Vapi,Udaipur,Mumbai,
Pune,Jaipur,Delhi & Mundra among others.Eagle travels were the first operator to have a networked office and giving computerised tickets,Eagle travels are the pioneers in introducing Volvo,Mercedes & multi axle buses in the Gujarat region. Eagle's recent addition to its fleet is Club One the best in super luxury buses,it believes in technology & its use & up gradation.Our fleet of 200 buses consists of 50 volvo,Mercedes buses,  We strive to keep you “A step ahead….. Always”

Technology in Buses : The Machine Part 1

We are living in 21st century, technology has grown by leaps & bounds in this age. Today it is not possible for us to spend a single day or stay a single minute without any technological innovation. Smart phones invention has lead to your office, your wallet, your social presence, your music, your television all in one small device. If you do not make changes with the technology, you become outdated.

Gone are the days when bus journeys were looked down upon & the condition of bus used to be bad. Today there are sleek, clean, comfortable buses for the journey after the introduction of advanced buses by companies such as Volvo, Mercedes, Scania, Man along with our Indian cos Tata & Ashok Leyland.Technology has played an important role in this turnaround.

Indian Bus sector which is a 15,000 cr industry today has also made huge process in terms of technological innovations. In the Indian traveller's mindset bus travel is picking up, as is evident from the fact that the railways had to stop the Shatabdi service between Mumbai and Pune for a while because of the growing popularity of the Volvo bus service on the expressway linking the two cities. Ahmedabad –Rajkot have 39 train connections on an average  & 60 bus connections in a day. This shows the preference of bus over other modes of transport.

Today’s bus come equipped with charging facility, WIFI to keep you connected on the go, Buses have facility to watch live television along with pre- loaded DVD, they come fitted with toilets, food is served on board. Sleeper buses are also part of innovation in the sector.

New technologically advanced multi axle buses have helped reduce the travel time between Intercities by 15% .Bus travel normally used to be carried out for journeys in the 6-10 hours range. This mindset is also changing with the introduction of multi axle automatic transmission sleeper & semi sleeper buses. Take for instance Ahmedabad to Bangalore by train takes 36 hours, while the same journey in bus is carried out in 24-26 hours.

Power steering equipped bus with automatic transmissions helps the bus operators in improving their mileage & in reducing the effort put in by the driver along with providing comfortable travel to the passengers.
Change is the only constant in life & it keeps taking place for the betterment of humanity & mankind.There is some new innovation taking place now as you go through this article.

Eagle travels,a bus operator in states of Gujarat,Maharashtra,Rajasthan,Delhi since last 35 years having its services between Ahmedabad,Rajkot,Jamnagar,Porbander,Bhuj,Gandhidham,Anjar,Baroda,Surat,Vapi,Udaipur,Mumbai,
Pune,Jaipur,Delhi & Mundra among others.Eagle travels were the first operator to have a networked office and giving computerised tickets,Eagle travels are the pioneers in introducing Volvo,Mercedes & multi axle buses in the Gujarat region. Eagle's recent addition to its fleet is Club One the best in super luxury buses,it believes in technology & its use & up gradation.Our fleet of 200 buses consists of 50 volvo,Mercedes buses,  We strive to keep you “A step ahead….. Always”

Monday 30 September 2013

Porbander- Birth Place of the father of Nation.

Porbandar is a city of Gujarat  state in western India. The district covers an area of 2,298 km². It had a population of 5,86,062. This district was carved out of Junagadh District. It lies on the Kathiawar peninsula. Porbandar city is the administrative headquarters of this district. This district is surrounded by Jamnagar district to the north, Junagadh district to the south and the Arabian Sea to the west.As of 2011 it is the second least-populous district of Gujarat, after Dang.

Porbandar  is a coastal city in the Indian state of Gujarat, perhaps best known for being the birthplace of Mahatma Gandhi and Sudama (friend of Lord Krishna). As the birthplace of one of the most famous leaders of the world, Porbandar has a significant tourism-led infrastructure and economy. The area around Mahatma Gandhi's home has been renovated to become a temple of peace known as “Kirti Mandir”.
Fishing and small-scale and industrial fish processing gives a lot of employment to the city and to neighboring districts. 

The city is well-connected by road, rail and air to the various cities across the country. Road The city is connected through National Highway 8B, connecting to Rajkot and Ahmedabad. National Highway 8E Ext (also known as State Highway 6) connects to Jamnagar, Dwarka in the north and Veraval, Bhavnagar in the south.

Eagletravels has daily six  services to Porbander from Rajkot & Daily two services from Ahmedabad. These are regular seating & sleeper services. The ticket prices from Ahmedabad are 280 Rs & 350 Rs for sleeper bus & from Rajkot 160 rs. There are also AC services to Porbander. Eagle travels is operating in the Rajkot-Porbander route since 1985. Its been 18 years of dedicated service in this sector.

On Bapu’s birth anniversary on 2nd October. We salute the man who gave India Independence.

Thursday 12 September 2013


Jamnagar is a city and a municipal corporation, located in Jamnagar district, in the Indian state of Gujarat. The city was built up substantially by Maharaja Kumar Shri Ranjitsinhji in the 1920s. The city lies just to the south of the Gul of Kutch and is 337 km west of the state capital, Gandhinagar.

 Recently, Jamnagar has shot to prominence as Reliance Industries, India's largest private company, established the world's largest oil refinery near the village of Moti Khavdi in Jamnagar. It is also home to an Essar Oil refinery, located near the town of Vadinar.Jamnagar has consequently been nicknamed the 'Oil City of India'. 

The Marine National Park, the only marine sanctuary in India is near Jamnagar, on the coral reef island of Pirotan. Jamnagar is well known for its four marbl Jain temples: Vardhman Shah's Temple, Raisi Shah's Temple, Sheth's Temple, and Vasupujya Swami's Temple.

The Bala Hanuman temple in Jamnagar is also very famous and is listed in The Guinness Book of World Records  for the longest continuous chanting of "Ram Dhun
It was earlier known as 'Brass City',There are about 4,500 units of Brass Part in Jamnagar district supplying their products to major electric and electronic factories located in Delhi, Bangalore and Mumbai.

Jamnagar has base stations of all three wings of Defence. Indian Air Force, Indian Army & Indian Navy all the three wings have their training and big bases.
Due to the locational advantage with respect to the vast hinder land compromising of Central & North, India, and also due to proximity to the Gulf countries gives Jamnagar a status of most favoured Port among the exporters & Importers.Jamnagar is also famous for its Bandhni clothes.

Jamnagar is connected to Rajkot,Ahmedabad & Baroda directly through our bus services almost every one and half hour. Eagle travels has 9 connections in a day between Jamnagar & Ahmedabad. 

There are further connections to Mumbai,Pune,Banglore also. We at Eagle travels introduce all our new buses on the Jamnagar route. We run non stop services between Jamnagar & Ahmedabad via Rajkot. Our buses are WIFI equipped & have charging point also.

Friday 16 August 2013


Bhuj is a city and a municipality in Kutch district in the state of Gujarat, India Bhuj connects you to a range of civilizations and important events in South Asian history through prehistoric archaeological finds, remnants of the Indus Valley Civilization (Harappans), places associated with the Mahabharata and Alexander the Great's march into India and tombs, palaces and other buildings from the rule of the Naga chiefs, the Jadeja Rajputs, the Gujarat Sultans and the British Raj. Over the 4000-year inhabitation of Kutch it developed trading and migratory relationships with ancient civilizations as far abroad as Zanzibar, the Middle East and Greece, fostering a unique ethnic mix of peoples and traditions in the region.

In a walk around Bhuj, you can see the Hall of Mirrors at the Aina Mahal; climb the bell tower of the Prag Mahal next door; stroll through the produce market; have a famous Kutchi pau bhaji for lunch; examine the 2000-year-old Kshatrapa inscriptions in the Kutch Museum; admire the sculptures of Ramayana characters at the Ramakund stepwell; walk around Hamirsar Lake and watch children jumping into it from the lake walls as the hot afternoon sun subsides; and catch the sunset among the chhatardis of the Kutchi royal family in a peaceful field outside the center of town.

Bhuj has an average elevation of 110 metres (360 feet). On the eastern side of the town is a hill known as Bhujiyo  Dungar, on which there is Bhujia Fort, that separates Bhuj city and Madhapar town. It has one big lake named Hamirsar and several small lakes.
The old city was surrounded by the fort, which had five major gates and one small gate known as "chathi bari" (sixth window). Much of the fort wall has either fallen down or been demolished, due to the city's development and the earthquake of 2001.
Alfred High School the first High School of Kutch established in 1870 is also an architect heritage of town. Krantiguru Shyamji Krishna Verma Kachchh University is located in Bhuj..

Bhuj is a famous destination for shopping of handicraft work. Artists of nearby villages bring their art work for sale in Bhuj. Important landmarks for people wishing to study and know more about Kutchi embroidery are Shrujan, Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangathan (KMVS), Kalaraksha and Women Artisans' Marketing Agency (WAMA, Bandhini).
J. P. Dutta's Hindi film Refugee and Sanjay Leela Bhansali's Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam were shot on location in the Great Rann of Kutch and other locations in and around theKutch district of Gujarat, India. Aamir Khan’s Lagaan was also shot in Bhuj. Recently Vishal Bharadwaj’s  Matru ki Bijlee ka Mandola was also shot there.

Post the tragic earthquake of 2001 Bhuj has resurfaced as a major industry centre with large companies like AMW( Asia Motor works) Essar, Adani Group, Suzlon, Sanghi Group, Tata Power, Welspun, Videocon International Ltd, Surya Group, JP Group and Electrotherm have set up shop here. Kutch houses India's only salt desert, the Great Rann of Kutch. The key industries in Kutchh include Engineering, Power, Steel Pipes, Cement, Handicrafts.
Emerging industry sectors include Construction, Chemicals, Ceramics and Textiles. Kutchh contributes to over 60% of Gujarat's total salt production which is largely exported to countries like Bangladesh and Korea.It is the world's largest producer of Submerged Arc Welded (SAW) pipes.Home to India's largest sponge iron plant with an existing capacity of 4.6 million tonnes p.a

Govt of Gujarat also conducts Rann Utsav in the month of December & Janurary in order to increase tourism in this destination.

 Eagle travels has a services to Bhuj daily, It is a regular service from Baroda to Bhuj,This is an overnite  Non AC sleeper services.For booking you can call us on 079-61555555 or log on to our website www.eaglebus.in

Monday 12 August 2013

Udaipur- The city of Lakes

Udaipur, also known as the City of Lakes, is a city, a Municipal Corporation and the administrative headquarters of the Udaipur district in the state of Rajasthan in western India. It is located 403 kilometers (250 mi) southwest of the state capital, Jaipur, 248 km (154 mi) west of Kota, and 250 km (155 mi) northeast from Ahmedabad. Udaipur is the historic capital of the kingdom of Mewar in the former Rajputana Agency. 

The Guhil (Sisodia) clan ruled the Mewaa and its capital was shifted from Chittorgarh to Udaipur after founding city of Udaipur by Maharana Uday Singh. The Mewar province became part of Rajasthan after India became independent.
Apart from its history, culture, and scenic locations, it is also known for its Rajput-era palaces. The Lake Palace, for instance, covers an entire island in the Pichola Lake. Many of the palaces have been converted into luxury hotels. It is often called the "Venice of the East", and is also nicknamed the "Lake City". Lake Pichola, Fateh Sagar Lake, Udai Sagar and Swaroop Sagar in this city are considered some of the most beautiful lakes in the state.
Udaipur is a popular tourist destination in India. The lakes, palaces and lively workspaces and culture attract foreign and domestic visitors. It is a favourite marriage destination. Many celebrities, including film stars, business families, politicians chose Udaipur to hold marriage ceremonies and parties.

Tourist attractions of Udaipur :- City Palace, Lake Palace, Jag Mandir, Jagdish Temple,Fateh Sagar Lake, Nehru Garden, Sukhadia Circle etc.
The city lies on the Golden Quadrilateral National Highway (NH) 8, midway between Delhi and Mumbai, located around 700 kilometres from either city. The East West Corridor which starts from Porbandar and ends at Silchar passes and is intersecting the Golden Quadrilateral and shares the common space from Udaipur to Chittor. The roads in this part of the country are paved and fit for private vehicles. One can either drive from Jaipur (around 6 hours via Chittorgarh), from Kota (3 hours - four-lane highway), from Ahmedabad (4.1/2 hours) or Surat (9 hours).

Eagle travels has its services to the city of lakes since 1987, thus its been 26 years of connecting Rajkot & Ahmedabad toUdaipur & Nathdwara. Services include Non Ac sleeper, AC sleeper &Volvo Multi axle sleeper. While Rajkot & Ahmedabad is connected via non ac & ac sleeper, Mumbai is connected via Volvo sleeper.

Monday 5 August 2013


Pune (is the eighth largest metropolis in India and the second largest in the state of Maharashtra. It is situated 560 meters (1,837 feet) above sea level on the Deccan plateau at the right bank of the Mutha river. Pune city is the administrative headquarter of Pune district and was once the centre of power of the Maratha Empire.Pune is known to have existed as a town since 847 AD. It was the first capital of Shivaji. In the 18th century, Pune became the political centre of Indian subcontinent, as the seat of Peshwas, the Maratha Empire's prime ministers.
Pune is the cultural capital of Maharashtra. Since the 1950-60s, Pune has had traditional old-economy industries which continue to grow. The city is now also known for Manufacturing, Automobile, Government & Private sector Research Institutes, Information technology (IT) and Educational, Management,Training institutes that attract migrants, students and Professionals from not only from India but also students from South east Asia, Middle East and African countries.

As one of the largest cities in India, and as a result of its many colleges and universities, Pune is emerging as a prominent location for IT and manufacturing companies to expand. Pune has the seventh largest metropolitan economy and the sixth highest per capita income in the country.

The automotive sector is prominent in Pune. Automotive companies like Tata Motors, Mahindra & Mahindra, Mercedes Benz, Force Motors (Firodia-Group), Kinetic Motors have set ups in Pune. India's largest engineering conglomerate, the Kirloskar Group, was the first to bring industry to Pune by setting up Kirloskar Oil Engines Ltd. in 1945 at Kirkee in Pune. The Hinjawadi IT Park (officially called the Rajeev Gandhi IT Park) is a project being started by MIDC to house the IT sector in Pune. 

 Pune's proximity to Mumbai, good climate and availability of talent made it a destination for large firms like Tata Motors (TELCO then), Buckau Wolf (Thyssen Krupp now), KSB Pumps, Hindustan Antibiotics and several others.
Pune is the largest hub in India for German companies. Pune is one of the premier industrial centers of India. It is home to one of the world's three largest two-wheeler manufacturers, Bajaj Auto. Other global automobile names like Telco, Mercedes Benz and Bajaj Tempo also have huge manufacturing facilities here. Apart from the auto giants, a large number of engineering, electronic and electrical industries have set up base in the large, medium and small scale sectors.  

Bajaj Electricals Ltd, Cummins Generator Technologies India Ltd., Cummins India Ltd, Haer Appliances India Pvt. Ltd., LG Electronics India P Ltd, Valeo Engine & Electrical System India Pvt. Ltd., Whirlpool of India Ltd, Dow Corning India Pvt. Ltd., Foseco India Ltd., Fresenius Kabi India Pvt. Ltd., are also located in Pune region.
Pune is home to some of India's important research institutes. Some of the major research centres are: National Chemical Laboratory (NCL), National Chemical Laboratory(NCL), National Research Centre for Grapes (NRCG), National AIDS Research Centre (NARI).

Pune also some famous colleges such as FTII( Film & television Insitute of India) Fergusson college, Deccan College, National Defence Academy(NDA) among others. Ganapati festival were started in India first in Pune by Balgangadhar Tilak.

At Eagle travels we run services between Rajkot & Pune via Ahmedabad, We also connect with our services to Banglore. We are running our services to Pune since 1986 that’s 27 years.Today we have two types of services to Pune,One is Non AC sleeper & Volvo sleeper service. In your service for over 2 decades. We are preferred traveler to Businessmen & students travelling to Pune.

Tuesday 23 July 2013


Year 1975-76: There was a huge flood in Damanganga river & the railway bridged has collapsed,Rail transport facility to Mumbai was down. It was during this time that our founder Chairman Sh Rasiklal Damjibhai Golwala decided to run his 2 buses on the Rajkot- Mumbai route to serve the man kind, in order to help clear the mayhem created. Little did he know that such a decision will lead to him setting up a full fledged bus travel company popularly known as 'EAGLE TRAVELS' today.

Monsoon's are a time where the weather outside is lovely and exotic. In today's time people want to venture out & experience this beautiful weather & enjoy with their friends & family. Long drives, Journey through the country side or on the long beautiful highways refreshes you but also rejuvenates you.

With the advent of technology it is now easier to book tickets with us, Simply log on to our website www.eaglebus.in, select your From & To destination along with your date of travel,We will provide with the options to select from in terms of  departure timing,bus type ( Volvo,AC sleeper,Non ac) seat selection, whether you are women traveller. You can either select our unique 'PAY LATER' option which allows you to have a confirmed ticket while you pay one hour before the departure or 'PAY NOW' option. In 4 simple steps the tickets are booked.

We have also set up a dedicated call centre for bookings 079-61555555 is the no.. Booking is just a phone call away with this facility. We have also developed an andriod app which can be downloaded on your phone & booking is just a tab away.

Eagle travels now has services to over 30 cities like Ahmedabad, Baroda,Surat,Rajkot,Bhuj,Gandhidham,Porbander,Jamnagar,Mundra,Jaipur,Udaipur,Pune,Nathdwara,
Delhi,Chittor,Mumbai,Banglore.With its fleet of over 200 buses consisting of Non Ac sleeper & seating,AC sleeper,Volvo single & multi axle seating, semi sleeper & sleeper buses, Mercedes multi axles & newest addition to the family CLUB ONE.

Make the most of this monsoon by exploring new cities & finding new destinations.