Sunday 23 June 2013


"Rather than the destination its the journey that lends meaning to our lives"

Journey always lives you richer with experiences. Journey leaves us enriched & enlighted. All great men be it Gautam Budda,Lord Mahavir,Columbus, Lord Ram, Napolean Bonaparte or to our very own Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi have carried out huge & long journey in their respective life which have made them great.Their experiences from this journey left an impression & impact in their minds which  went on to change the course of history. Journey has always been an impactful experience in ones life.

It was during one such journey that M K Gandhi took in South Africa which made him take up India's Independence struggle. Even further in the history M K Gandhi took up long journey like Dandi March which played an important role in India's freedom. Napolean Bonaparte's journey with his army over the alps is known as the best motivational journey & speeches in the world. It requires a great leader to motivate people to walk along with you.

Our Motto is also to help you achieve greatness & glory. Our Mission is to help you scale larger heights & reach your dreamed destinations. With our services in 30 cities across 6 states of India covered through a fleet of over 200 buses of all range.Eagle travels wants to become a formidable part of a person's journey.


 We have also embarked on a journey since 1978. Our journey started with just 2 buses. We understand the importance of a journey which is why we reward people who travel often with us. Get a EAGLE Privilege card & avail 10 % discount on all your subsequent booking including your first travel after receiving the privilege card. The benefits are a par for the small nominal fee for the card.

 Come share your experiences with us.

Thursday 6 June 2013


 8th June 1938 a small boy took birth in Rajkot in a family of 8 consisting of 3 Brothers & 3 Sisters, Little did anyone know that this small boy  in the years to come will reshape the way people travel.  The world knows this small boy as Lt Sh Rasiklal Damjibhai Golwala, A visionary, a leader, a mentor, a guide, an philantrophist, a passionate man, a go getter and most importantly a pioneer who laid the strong foundation of Eagle Corporation Pvt Ltd..Eagle today is an household name in Gujarat as its various business includes Petrol Pump,  several Automobile dealerships namely Kinetic Honda, Ford,Vespa,Suzuki 2 Wheelers,Ashok Leyland Commerical Vehicles, Clearing & Forwarding agent for Indian & Multinational brands like Adani Wilmar's Fortune,Havmor,Pepsi, Amul Diary  & above all  Eagle Travels , the flagship company of the group into Bus operations & services across 6 states & 30 cities now.

Sh Rasiklal was very passionate about travel, Bus,Comfort. He always had this in the back of his mind to do something in this field,Opportunity knocked at the door in the form of an arrival of a marriage party in Rajkot from Mumbai & He was given the task to arrange a bus for the travel of this marriage party from railway station, All bookings were done & everything was in order when at the last moment the bus operator ditched, this incident left Sh Rasiklal take instant decision to find an alternative & also planted the seed to commence a travel service. In the year 1972 he self drove a dosz truck from Delhi to Rajkot converted into a bus & started renting it out to Marriage party & corporate tourist booking under the name of "Saurashtra tourist corporation".

"Fortune always favours the brave". In the year 1976 Railway bridge at Damanaganga river collapsed due to heavy rains & the traffic was badly hit. It was in this year when for the first time the bus was made to run between Rajkot & Mumbai.

 This last 5 years gave him enough courage & Confidence to start a full fledged travel services which today is known as EAGLE TRAVELS. A small humble beginning from 2 buses to just one city has today grown to over 200 buses, covering over 30 cities in 6 states with over 80 departures in a day.

Sh Rasiklal was a passionate man & also a visionary, He wanted to be the best in whatever he was involved with such integrity make him adopt EAGLE as the name & logo of the company.He always believed in "BEING A STEP AHEAD.....ALWAYS", this became the motto of the company, EAGLE the king of birds is known for its agility & precision, Sh Rasiklal believed in imbibing such standards in his company & he has been successful in doing so. Sh Rasiklal is survived by his 4 children who handle all the business of Eagle Corporation. Eagle Travels is being helmed by Sh Jayendra Bavaria & he is now trying to imbibe the same learning in his children & Sh Darshan Bavaria has started to groom himself for the days to come.

Our Founder Chairman was also very active socially & philanthropically . He was Counsellor of Rajkot Municipal Corporation for 7 years, He was also the Trustee of Lohana Samaj & along with Trustee in several temples, He did carry out such initiates for the upliftment of Poor  & allowed free travel to sick patients & gave school fees for underprivileged children. He was also a very research oriented person, Once he was diagonised with Diabetics, he carried out several research & produced a powder to help reduce & control Diabetics, He was so passionate & altruism that he got a pulverising machine in order to create this powder in bulk & give it away for free to people who were having diabetics. He did this without fail for almost a decade & there used to be a long queue of people to get it.

He was always full of energy & ideas & focused on what best to give to his customers so that they can have a comfortable journey, Such enthusiasm & dedication towards service made his go to Singapore & get projector system in order to provide entertainment for passengers, He did this in the year 1978-79 when television was also not heard off. 

We are thankful to the almighty for giving us such a leader, a Mentor, a  guide & above all a noble person who brought a revolution & change. 

Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY. We are sure you will be blessing us from the heaven. With the motto to carry on your shown path.