Tuesday 28 January 2014

Bringing smiles to 10,000 lives daily

We all have in our childhood played games like building blocks & creating human chains and links.Each block plays its own important & unique role in the formation of the entire structure. Each human in the chain or each runner in the relay race in an integral part of the entire value chain, each one's contribution is extremely important in the proper functioning of the system.

Our organisation comprises of the following people
  • Drivers
  • Attendants/helpers
  • Cleaners
  • Ticket booking  staff & agents
  • call center staff
  • Janitors
  • Hostesses
  • Security guards
  • Accountants
Every staff member plays a role which is unique and irreplaceable.

  • Janitors duly is to keep the washroom at our office/Waiting lounge and in our buses clean. We all need to answer nature's call at frequent intervals and we all need a good clean washroom for the same. 

  • Ticket booking staff & agents: These are the people who are our eyes,ears and nose, They are responsible for ticket booking and bringing business to the organisation. Their interaction is highest with the customers. Their behavior matters the most to customers, they not only provide all the information to the customer but also help them understand and help them with a smoother booking of tickets.

  • Cleaners:  The responsibility is to keep the bus clean and tidy for travel. The bus needs to be cleaned not only from inside but also from outside,It takes around 2 hours to clean the entire bus as there is lot of litter in the bus in the form of empty packets,bottles,wrappers and papers. It is very necessary to keep the bus clean for the next ride as it forms a very important part of the customer experience. Thus our cleaners work relentlessly to keep the vehicle speak and span.

  • Attendants and Helpers: These are those people who travel with the bus,their responsibility is to provide you the amenities like water bottle, Blanket,loading and unloading your luggage along with timely informing customers about the halts and approaching destinations. They handle the entertainment system also.
  • Call centre employees: These are the back end people of our organization,who are never seen but always heard. They manage the entire call centre and online booking along with handling all your queries.

  • Accountants:  They manage the cash flows for the company, movement of money and licensee and permissions.

  • Drivers: These are key personnel of our entire organization. They are responsible for your actual movement from one place to another. They make you reach destination soundly  and safely.It is their driving skills which determiners the smoothness of the ride. Their ability to drive through traffic,terrains,bumps,fog and rains helps form the opinion of the company and its services.

We are fortunate that our drivers are associated with us for over 2 decades now.They care for our business as their own business and we as responsible employers take care of them and their family.

We have a staff of around 500 people so our extended  family comprises of 2000 people. With  2000 passengers travelling with us and their extended family comprises of 8000 people. So overall we are able to bring smile to 10,000 life each day.

We are Eagle travels always keep a motto is "We at Eagle Parivar have given the word "Comfort" to the Travel world over the last 35 years and will continue to offer optimum service levels at affordable prices consistently.."

A big thank you for one and all, We exist only because of our employees and our customers.