Tuesday 10 December 2013

Rann Utsav.

Rarely does it happen in one’s life that what we see and what we experience leaves one speechless. One of such experience that India has to offer, awaits you at Rann Utsav, in Kutch, Gujarat. Considered as one of the best experiences of life across the world by lonelyplanet, it is a one of its kind initiative.

Rann Utsav is a festival organised by the government of Gujarat near Ghordo village, which is on the edge of one of the very few salt marsh deserts of the world. As long as one can see, there is just white sand and blue sky. It is a rare experience that any writer will find difficult to express. In the age of urban life, with honks of horn and concrete jungles, ran Utsav comes as one of the most prized experience. But the purpose of Rann Utsav goes beyond just desert. More than anything, it celebrates the rich culture and heritage of Gujarat. You can experience and have a chance to carry home with you the arts, handicrafts, handloom weaving, pottery, Bandhani fabrics of Kutch.

In the evenings before moonlit nights, there is a special experience waiting for you – the folk music and dance of Kutch. Over 50 different artists and dancers perform on moonlit evenings often running into nights, under the open sky and winter breeze. Sitting on Indian style beds getting the peek at unique culture of thousands of years in few hours is a treat in itself. After the performances, you can stay at modern tents with facilities like electricity and even washrooms and experience the desert first hand.

Rann Utsav includes camelback rides into the desert, sightseeing to Mandvi, which is a beach town and home to Vijay Vilas Palace, favourite filming location for Indian films, Indo Pak border and visit to Kala Dungar (Black Mountain). Eagle travels connects Baroda & Ahmedabad to Mandvi with its daily sleeper service.

Rann Utsav is organised at Ghordo village, 400 kilometres from Ahmedabad, the biggest city of the state of Gujarat. Throughout the way, connectivity is very easy. Eagle travels runs every day buses for Bhuj from Ahmedabad, Once in Bhuj, there are ample transit facilities to go to Ghordo. What’s more, you can also book tickets online at 5% discount or through an android app, Eagle travels follows a ladies seat policy & take care of the safety of female passengers travelling alone.

Apart from the Rann Utsav, there are many other places one can visit in Kutch. Only a 100 kilometeres from Bhuj rests Dhola Vira, site of Harappan civilisation. It is one of the three sites of Harappan civilisation, two of which are in India. There is also a wild ass sanctuary in Kutch, which is an endangered animal found only in Gujarat. There is also Narayan Sarovar, a temple town sitting only a few kilometres away from international border. The staff of Eagle travels is well knowledgeable of local region which allows you to relax and enjoy the trip.

Come & enjoy the beauty of White rann of Kutch & get meserised with the nature's beauty.

Monday 2 December 2013

Jaddu ki Jappi

We are living in the world of everything "Instant". Instant coffee,Instant noodles,Instant loan,Instant money,instant mix,instant food along with instant communication. We want things to happen instantly. In this instant world are we losing our patience instantly,Do we have patience now a days?

Will provide you with two instances.

Incident 1: A customer arrives at 8:30 PM in Ahmedabad in our bus from Rajkot, This is on a tuesday evening, Her husband and daughter arrives to receive her. This lady has to go back to Rajkot on saturday evening at 5 pm, She asks her husband to book the return ticket then and there,Husband approaches the booking agent inside,Who is surrounded by several customers at that point in time as evening time is peak departure time. We do not follow a queue system so we all surround the concerned person & want a reply to our query instantly no matter what the other person is doing. So the husband barges in between & asks a ticket to be booked. Booking agent replys to him showing the notice on the wall, which states the call centre no. 079-615555555.Agent asks him to call the help line no. & get the ticket booked.

 In order to provide ease of ticket booking we have a 30 seater call centre, along with an andriod app for ticket booking using smartphones,tickets can also be booked online & we are providing 5% discount on online booking. Hearing this the husband gets angry and starts saying how rude are you to talk.Why can't you book the tickets,We are your customers since ages.

With the changes in technology,We are providing each & every way for the customer to book tickets with the ease of your home,office or any where else. But we do not have the patience to allow others to finish their work & take up your work on top most priority.

Incident 2: A customer walks in at our paldi office at 12:10 PM & inquires about the departure timing of Rajkot bus. Counter staff informs as 12:30 pm from paldi & 1 pm from S G Road. The customer books the tickets & then makes a comment about why such a delay & says other operators have services every half an hour.When he is being corrected that others have services every one hour & so do others is when he starts asking the timing of all our previous departures. The world today has become a place where every customer wants the service instantly, If a customer has to wait for 20 minutes for his/her journey to start,We start making opinions & giving comments.

Indian cultures is known for its philiophosy of "Vasudev Kutumbhacum" meaning one big family. We are becoming self centred people,We all care about ourselves & no body else. We are losing our virtue of patience & empathy towards others.

Every day our booking staff,Drivers,Cleaners have to deal with hundreds of customers.We train our staff for etiquettes to behave with our customers. It is very easy for anyone to blame others on rude behaviour & spread the word while not paying any attention to one's own deeds.

We want to create a better country for ourselves & for our future generations. Lets us togather start showing some empathy for each other. Lets recognise the efforts put in each & every person,Lets get compassionate towards each other & make a better place for you & for me & for the entire human race.

As Munnabhai says in Munnabhai MBBS. Lets give each other "Jaddu ki jappi".