Wednesday 1 April 2015

Eagle Turns 37

Eagle Corporation Pvt. Ltd., a professionally managed company with travels as their hub, and having ventured into petroleums and marketing, was established in the year 1978 at Rajkot city by the chairman Lt. Rasiklal Damjibhai Golwala. It began its journey with the travels division, and had only 2 buses to start the operations with. It successfully completes 37 years of operation today.

Eagle travels commenced its corporate journey under the leadership of Late Sh. Rasikbhai Damjibhai Bavaria(Golwala) in the year 1978. Our founder chairman was a man of vision & possessed exemplary quality who always thought beyond the horizons. He believed in being focused & sharp like an Eagle, which is the king of the birds & is known for its agility & precision. It was his passion to serve people & help them better facilities while travelling. He introduced “Comfort” to the travel industry. This attitude of his made his develop buses with entertainment facility way back in the year 1980 when television was also not introduced.

From the year 1978 with only 2 buses (travels division) till to date, along with the passing time and different experiences it gathered, it has been able to not only increase the fleet from 2 to 146, but also add new divisions like Marketing, Petroleum, Motors and Tourism & Forex to its credit. The latest inclusion is the worlds most elite and largest bus chassis manufacturing companies like Mercedes Benz, Volvo and Isuzu with their models like, single axile and multi-axile both in its fold.
Inspite of the fact that their was several private bus operators not only in Gujarat and in India but very few players who are such old, As most of the operators wind up in 5-7 years of time. Such long term sustainability in business is to be credited

Previous to our launch of bus services between Rajkot & Mumbai in the year 1978, Eagle travels was known as ‘Saurashtra Tourist Corporation’ & used to lease bus for corporate affairs & wedding functions. What began with a fleet of 2 buses having its services in just 2 cities with one departure in a day has today reached a fleet size of over 200 buses covering over 30 cities in 6 states of India with over 75 departures in a day.

As the price of a bus varies from 30 lakh to Rs 1.2 cr & all the buses are operational on Indian roads,While travelling on the road a bus is under constant chances of damage from traffic,bad roads etc. To manage a fleet size of such proportion is a challenge. People start a manufacturing business and the machines are kept inside a constructed building,A farmer can fence his farm land but a bus operator has to keep his expensive buses running on the road to earn his daily bread. With such difficult conditions maintaining  the high  serve standards and to keep the show running over several years takes huge amount of efforts from the operator.

Eagle has a history of always bringing new innovations in the industry. It has several firsts to its credit. From introducing bottled water free of charge to each passenger to brining WIFI in buses to keep the customer connected during their travel. It is under Eagle Travels became the first travel operator in the country to introduce computerized tickets .

Eagle has also launched its signature service : “CLUB ONE” that proves to be Gujarat’s first luxury road transport . The luxury coaches are an amalgam of travel with luxury. The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams and “CLUB ONE” is what bears the future within. It affirms to be the product that has been never brought on route before. It is always good to have an end to our journey, wherein “CLUB ONE” avails you with the quality of journey that matters in the end.