Tuesday 14 October 2014

A true leader

A 12 year old takes an overnight journey in  a run down state transport bus from the town of Rajkot to Udaipur. He is taking this journey to over see the bus body building for the bus owned by his father’s travel agency.  How many of us will undertake such journeys and showcase levels of commitment and dedication at this age .Most of us are all occupied with our play and studies during that age.Taking up such strenuous journeys requires a strong will power and determination.

This relentless commitment towards work has made him to lead Gujarat’s one of the largest and most trusted private bus service operator. What  commenced with only 2 buses in the year 1978 has spread its wings to over 200 buses in a span of glorious 36 years.

His staff members ranging from drivers, Booking agents, Managers all consider him to be part of their family. He is always there with them in their hour of need. His ability to support, encourage and motivate his staff has made them stick to the company for the last 25-30 years in an industry where the transition rate is very high.

In today’s era of ever changing world, He has been setting new bench marks with regards to the service imparted to the customers. Giving a Comfortable ride to its passengers is his first and foremost priority. He has been continuously doing it which has made 3 generations of customers travel with his company .
A foresighted approach to do something better is reflected in their tagline “A step  ahead always”.

On his 50th Birthday today, Wishing him lots of good health,happiness, Success and prosperity in all his endeavors.  Many many happy returns of the day Jayubhai.