Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Women Safety

The recent shocking & ghastly incident which took place in New Delhi a few days ago has left the entire country of India in a state of shock, discomfort & trauma.
There is an awakening which has happened in the entire nation, the youth of the country who today comprise of the 60% of the population of India are out in support of the deceased and are demanding justice from the Indian Government .There is a strong agitation going on to make changes in the laws .
As they say ‘Charity starts at home’ we should not sit quiet and wait for others to take actions, we need to do our bit of contribution.  We at Eagle Travels over the last 32 years have followed a policy ensuring Women’s safety and comfort while travelling alone with us. Eagle Travels never allocates a seat next to a alone women traveler to a male passengers in spite of the fact that the bus is running full and there is huge demand for the seat. We forgo profits in order to maintain Safety and comfort for women passengers travelling alone. We allocate co passengers seat only to a lady. In case we are not able to find another lady, the adjacent seat remains vacant. With a fleet size of around 200 super luxury, luxury  buses like Volvo,  Mercedes Benz, ISUZU in Sleeper, Semi Sleeper and Seating category We have  75 departures to 15 destinations across Western and Northern India. 
You reap as you sow’ 
Eagle Travels gives respect to its customers by adopting policies which ensure a safe and sound travel. It’s this love and respect of our customers which has helped us make 2 Cr passengers travel with us.
The customer is our reason for being here. 
Mr. Jayendra Bavaria, Chairman & MD, Eagle CorporationPvt. Ltd.

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