Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Gen Next

Today India has a population of over 1. 2 billion people has 150 million internet users & 137 million active users in the country. There are 56 million Facebook users, 33 million Twitter users and 2.5 mn smartphone users. Everything is just a click away for them. The world is at the fingertips from surfing, mailing, watching videos, connecting with friends, chatting, listening to music, buying and booking all kinds of tickets and merchandise.
Each and everything related to entertainment, business, sports, travel is just a few clicks away. India, today comprises of 60% youth who are constantly on the go. With the world developing and moving at such a fast pace the question is how do you match your steps with the progress. Eagletravels understands the importance of technology and its advent in the day to day life of each individual. In order to assist our customers book tickets faster with us Eagle travels has carried out the following initiatives.

Eagle travels has an Android base app. This app helps customers using Android based devices to book their tickets instantly with an option to Pay later before your departure.


Eagle travels has a dedicated Helpline no 079-61555555 wherein our dedicated customer service agents assist you in carrying out telebooking & a dedicated helpline number saves the effort of searching for numbers thereby making the process simpler and faster.

Eagle travels website www.eaglebus.in is another medium for customers to book tickets from the convenience of their home and office.

 Eagle Travels is also present on Social Media sites like Facebook, Twitter & Blog. A Combination not taken by any other travel operator. The URL being www.facebook.com/eaglecorporate, www.facebook.com/clubone. Twitter Handle: Eagleclubone  & Blog id eagletravelsblog.blogspot.in