Thursday, 31 January 2013


It has been 10 years since companies like Volvo have started their operation in India. Volvo is the largest fleet supplier in super Luxury bus segment not only in India but also across the world. It is the Market leader in Bus travel industry with a 74% market share in India. 10 years ago Volvo decided to focus on the rising south Asian market and launched its operations  in India.  Volvo is offering new technologically advanced products in the country both for intercity & intra city travel.
Volvo started with B7R buses in India followed it up with B9R They sold around 5000 buses in the 11 years of its journey in India, that’s   450 buses in one year or we can say approx. 1 bus/day for a bus which is 5 times the cost of other luxury buses available in India during that time is no mean feat. The reason why Volvo was able to make inroads in the market is because of the fact that it has a “True Bus Chassis” instead of the chassis being adopted to make a bus a practice which was a norm in India.  A True Bus Chassis offered better quality, safer product with features like Rear mounted engine, wider Luggage space, electronic air suspension for jerk free travel, Hydraulic Retarder with disc braking, higher passenger carrying capacity. Low Noise & better air conditioning ensured a fatigue less travel.  Better braking, fuel efficient design ensures a faster & shorter journey. Volvo buses which run for longer duration without break down & 10 % more passenger carrying capacity were not able to find many takers initially.

It was not an easy road for the company to set up its foothold in a country which is so value conscious, Volvo was finding it difficult to convince bus operators that there are no repair shops in India. Mr Jayendra  R Bavaria, Chairman & Managing Director of Eagle Travels with his dynamic personality  & visionary outlook  took the decision to be the first volvo service operator in his region. He beliefs his first commitment is to provide “Comfort” to the travel .Eagle travels are pioneers in providing the word "comfort" to the travel world over the last 33 years and will continue to offer optimum service levels at affordable prices consistently... He understood the importance of the product being offered and took the decision, Since that day there has been no looking back. It has been 10 years now of Eagle's association with Volvo. Launch of B9R multiple axles have ensured start of non-stop travel services between Rajkot, Jamnagar & Ahmedabad.

Today Eagle travels in its fleet of over 200 buses has over 50 Volvos and they keep adding each year to make travel of their passenger better, comfortable & Luxurious.

Coming up Next Eagle’s journey with the Star: Mercedes Buses.

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