Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Summer Destinations

 According to TIME magazine 550 Million people travel in a year in India & 61 % of this travel use bus as their mode of travel. Bus as a medium carries over 355 crore people in a year. May is considered the month when maximum no. of people travel in India,primarily due to the fact that it is time of summer vacation in educational institutions when everyone either travel to their hometown or go for a holiday.

All means of transport available in India at this point of time are running to packed capacities, there are infact even large queues to book tickets. Several new summer services are started in order to meet the heavy rush of passengers.

We at Eagle Travels with our experience of last 35 years also prepare ourselves to meet the summer rush, We start our preparation almost 2 months in advance when we start our repair work on all our buses & service them for efficient working during the summer conditions & rush. Eagle travels also believes in helping our passengers reach their desired destinations in the best of  comfort & luxury.

Eagle travels have also started the following long distance inter state bus services to meet the demand of its passengers

Ahmedabad - Delhi AC sleeper coach via Udaipur & Chittor Daily Departure At 1:30 PM

Ahmedabad- Jaipur AC Sleeper coach Via Udaipur,Daily departure at 10:30 PM.

Ahmedabad- Bhuj AC sleeper coach via Gandhidham,Daily departure at 10:30 PM.

Ahmedbad- Udaipur AC sleeper coach, Daily departure at 8:30 PM.

Rajkot - Indore Sleeper coach,Daily departure at 4 PM.

Jamnagar- Rajkot- Ahmedabad - Banglore Multi Axle i shift b9r volvo semi sleeper bus, Daily departure from Jamnagar at 7 AM, Rajkot 10 AM & Ahmedabad 3 PM.

Rajkot- Ahmedabad- Mumbai DC designed bus built on volvo b9r chasis in our new introduction called CLUB ONE.This bus comes with utmost luxury facilities,There are only 21 140 degree recliner seats with LIVE tv & 5000 hours of programming for the entertainment of passengers,with gourmet food being served to passengers along with coffee by bus hostesses & having flush toilets. The best in class & never before heard of such facilities in Asia.

 Our motto always remain to serve our customers better & give them comfort, Safety, luxury & style to their style.

For booking www.eaglebus.in
Reach us on Facebook www.facebook.com/eaglecorporate.
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  2. The blog is great source of information and quite informative too about summer destinations india . Thanks for sharing your view and guiding me to exlopre more about summer destinations in India.
    Keep Posting further....

  3. Interesting Blog! Our blog is very informative for me and all holiday’s planners. These places are very interesting and enjoyable places in the world. I must visit in these destinations after complete my New York Holidays. Thanks for this sharing. Keep it up!!

  4. Famed for its traditional sweets and Dandiya Raas dances, Rajkot is a must visit when in Gujarat. Home to Mahatma Gandhi during his childhood, Rajkot has a couple of museums, along with picnic spots that have scenic beauty in plentiful. Check out Swaminarayan temple also.