Saturday, 11 May 2013

Eagle @ 80 km/hr

  • v   Average Speed of Indian #Trains 65-82 km/hr  
  • v  Average Speed of #Volvo/#Mercedes Bus 80 km/hr
  • v  Top Speed of Indian #Trains 80-130 km/hr
  • v  Top Speed of #Volvo/#Mercedes Bus 120-150 km/hr.( Possible under test conditions)
  • v  Total #Rail Network in India 115,000 kms.
  • v  Total #Road Network in India 4,320,000 kilometres
  • v  Indian Government is working on developing of new #Rail network by  1.09  km /day.
  • v  Indian Government is working on developing of New #Road network by 20 kms/day .
  • v  India's #road network carries over 65 percent of its freight and about 85 percent of #passenger traffic.
  •   "The railways represent 19th century technology that was overtaken by buses in the 20th century, and buses everywhere are far cheaper than trains.” Swaminathan S A Aiyar

All the above statistics indicate the progress in the road travel industry in India. With the developments of new and better roads, the population of people travelling by road is increasing day after day. Indians these days  want to travel in comfort and style thus there is a growing demand for Luxury Busses..

Eagle Travels are part of India’s growth story in the road network and have been contributing to the progress with our fleet of over 200 buses comprising of  60 #Sleeper, 6 #Semi Sleeper & 150 #Seating buses  from a range of Manufactures like #Volvo,#Mercedes,#ISUZU, #Tata & #Ashok Leyland caters to over 7 lakh passengers in a year with 75 departures in a day to 15 destinations across Western and Northern India.

Eagle travels always believes in constant innovation and customer comfort which lead to starting of our Volvo services at the same time when Volvo set up its operations in India. It’s a Journey of 10 years and there is no looking back, Eagle travels keeps on upgrading its fleet of 50 Volvo’s with new & upgraded versions of the company’s product.

Be it Volvo,Mercedes,ISUZU,Tata or Ashok Leyland, Our mission to make the journey of our passengers comfortable, relaxing, Safe, Stylist & Time Bound.

Eagle’s Dedicated Services over the last 33 years have made us the preferred  travel service of over 2 cr passengers till date. With the support of  its highly esteemed customers Eagle travels has been able to progress from 2 buses to over 200 buses now. We wish to continue doing the same by adding new buses, new services and new routes to make the life of its customers better.

“The customer is our reason for being here.”
    Mr. Jayendra Bavaria, Chairman & MD, Eagle Corporation Pvt. Ltd.

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