Sunday, 23 June 2013


"Rather than the destination its the journey that lends meaning to our lives"

Journey always lives you richer with experiences. Journey leaves us enriched & enlighted. All great men be it Gautam Budda,Lord Mahavir,Columbus, Lord Ram, Napolean Bonaparte or to our very own Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi have carried out huge & long journey in their respective life which have made them great.Their experiences from this journey left an impression & impact in their minds which  went on to change the course of history. Journey has always been an impactful experience in ones life.

It was during one such journey that M K Gandhi took in South Africa which made him take up India's Independence struggle. Even further in the history M K Gandhi took up long journey like Dandi March which played an important role in India's freedom. Napolean Bonaparte's journey with his army over the alps is known as the best motivational journey & speeches in the world. It requires a great leader to motivate people to walk along with you.

Our Motto is also to help you achieve greatness & glory. Our Mission is to help you scale larger heights & reach your dreamed destinations. With our services in 30 cities across 6 states of India covered through a fleet of over 200 buses of all range.Eagle travels wants to become a formidable part of a person's journey.


 We have also embarked on a journey since 1978. Our journey started with just 2 buses. We understand the importance of a journey which is why we reward people who travel often with us. Get a EAGLE Privilege card & avail 10 % discount on all your subsequent booking including your first travel after receiving the privilege card. The benefits are a par for the small nominal fee for the card.

 Come share your experiences with us.

1 comment:

  1. Bullshit services

    bus came 30 minutes late and reached Mumbai 1 and half hour late

    if you ask anything driver and his supporters will start abusing you anytime during journey

    also driver asked me if my father owns this bus as if he owns whole Eagle, and said go and complaint wherever you want nobody can ask him any question.

    bus number 9900 came today morning to Mumbai from Ahmedabad

    i know i won't get any reply from you too.

    Thank you very much for your services this was my and my families last journey with Eagle.